Rambla Bar & Bistro

Rambla Bar & Bistro

Carse Street | Lot 780, Wickham, Western Australia 6720, Australia, WICKHAM

🛍 Pizza, Chicken, Fish, Cheese, Bar

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Revel in the delectable offerings of Rambla Bar & Bistro, a charming cafe set in the picturesque Carse Street | Lot 780, Wickham, Western Australia 6720, Australia, WICKHAM. With a menu bursting with flavor, it's a must-visit for any food lover. A coveted rating of 3 and an army of satisfied patrons reflected in 12 reviews – we are not just a restaurant, but a landmark of great taste and exceptional dining. Join us and partake in this unique gastronomic adventure. The current rating of 3 reflects the ongoing journey towards improvement. The 12 reviews offer discernments into areas needing refinement. For a delightful meal at home, simply choose http://www.facebook.com/ramblabarbistro, your digital dispatch for easy ordering.



Rocio Purdy IV
Rocio Purdy IV

I like to think we went in with an open mind as we love the Blanche bar (sister restaurant ) but the food here is no better than a roadhouse takeaway , and at least with generic roadhouse food there is consistency..Dry smelly fish finger looking pieces in some ok cooked chip .The kids pizza of ham and cheese was mistakenly cooked as an adult but was vial .Smoked round packaged ham that was overly sweet and burnt in the edges ... $20 Arancini Balls resembles rice drenched in maggi chicken stock powder with some very very dry and chewy sun dried tomatoes chucked in The best part of the meal was the beer .It must have been a shift change over as the man that appears to be the cook was lounging in his kitchen apron on the service counter while 3 services ladies had a change over shift discussion ... that's a positive way of saying standing around chatting .The service was friendly just a little wreck less with no side plates given with the "share" plates I think the 4 of us where expected to eat directly of the main plates ..Won't be back unfortunately but we tried to support a local business and both times have paid an expensive bill for bland , below average food .

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Dr. Alvah Wiegand
Dr. Alvah Wiegand

Nobody cleans the tables and the seats are filthy. Can't hear the bar staff over the TV or even hold a conversation so ate outside. Order was wrong.. never again.

Viola Windler
Viola Windler

Was somewhat disappointed with the pizza I ordered, particularly the fact that it was $30, tiny, burnt and disgusting.Being a small family oriented mining town, I think they are missing the mark of what people want, not a t.a.b, live d.j's and "average" high end nosh. I myself prefered it when the town mining accommodation and catering provider was managing it simple and effective, not always great, but good burgers and pizza reasonably priced. It is the only restaurant here and are many people that are happy with it though, each to their own I guess. Have a crack and judge for yourself!!

Miss Fay Bernier
Miss Fay Bernier

Great atmosphere, partner was pleased with TVs to watch his sports. Food was great, Sopressa pizza was yummy and crispy skin barramundi was cooked to perfection, so crispy and beautiful. Service was efficient and meals came out quick. Will definitely be back! Thanks!

Russell Jacobson Sr.
Russell Jacobson Sr.

We got the Arancini Balls - the flavour was .... Well boiled rice and carrot , that's all - no seasoning ... Great texture on the outside and beautiful presentation but only made edible by the addition of salt and a drink to wash them down .... The garlic bread was cooked on the top half and just cold bread underneath . Forgive me if this was the way it was intended , my person dislike if that's the case . We will try again another time but won't recommend the balls to anyone as yet ..

Jaqueline Trantow
Jaqueline Trantow

Good choice of "pub" meals done the Rambla way, good selection of wines available as well as normal beer, spirits etc. Outside seating area well decked out, overlooks the oval. Lot so TV's around for the sports fans. Easy for families. A good alternative when wanting to go for a drive from K-town.

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